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Extra Curricular Activities


We offer many FREE clubs to meet a wide variety of interests; most of which take place after school. These include art and craft activities, cooking, multi-skills, football and badminton. In Key Stage 2 there is the chance for children to go on a residential visit which parents can pay for by instalments.

These are the clubs running for the Summer Term.


Monday:                  Tuesday:              Wednesday:           Thursday:       

Mini-beasts                        Digital Music                 Athletics                     Striking & Fielding               

Prodigy Maths                    Multi-Skills                   Digital Music                         

Outside Fun                       Gardening                              

Summer Crafts                  Arts & Crafts                   

Recorder                            Choir

                                           Production Props






PE Sport Clubs November - December 2017

This half term the following PE Sport Clubs are:

Tuesday Year 3/ 4 Korfball and Year 1/ 2/ 3 Gymnastics

Wednesday Year 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 Football

Thursday Year 5/ 6 Korfball and Year 3/ 4 Badminton