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Learning Characters

Come to Drayton Park and meet our Learning Characters! Fonzie leads the gang - he thinks that learning is COOL! Each week, children are awarded a special 'Gold Brick' Award depending on which Learning Characteristic they have been demonstrating. Scroll down to find out what some of our children have to say:

Picture 1 Fonzie
Picture 2 Independent Indy
Picture 3 Keep Safe Kylie
Picture 4 Co-operation Twins
Picture 5 Resilient Rosie
Picture 6 Reach High Ritchie

Reach High Richie loves to aim for the best! He loves children who are dedicated and want to be the best that they can be! Reach High Richie studies really hard at school, he aims to go to university and to get a good job when he is older! He loves children who challenge themselves and achieve their goals. The children at Drayton Park are working really hard - all thanks to Richie!


Alyssa (Year 5)

Indy is a very independent mouse. She encourages children to be independent and to try before asking for help during lessons. She loves it when children bring their homework in on time. She also loves it when children have their P.E kit and bring their book bags to school EVERY day! She thinks children that are organised and get everything they need for the lesson are AMAZING! Indy wants children to be independent because when they grow up, they can get a good job and become even more INDEPENDENT!


Kishanuha (Year 5)

Rosie is a resilient Rabbit that encourages children to be determined and to try, try again!

She loves children who never give up and who continue to improve their work to make it the best that it can be. Children who, when they make a mistake, have another go are FANTASTIC! Rosie would never give up so neither should we. As Rosie says 'Resilience is wonderful!'


Oliwia (Year 4)

Kylie is a Koala who likes to keep children safe. She watches children in the corridors to make sure they don't run and that they walk silently through the school. She loves children who are polite to visitors, say 'Good Morning' and open doors. Kylie likes children who know who their 'Helping Hands' are. She knows who to talk to if she is worried about something at home or at school. Do you? Kylie also likes us to be safe on the internet. She knows just what to do if she receives a message from someone she doesn't know. If something or someone upsets you when you are online - TELL an adult you trust!


Phoebe (Year 3)

The Co-operation twins are very important. They love children who can explain something they understand to their group so that then everyone can understand. Children who will read a partner's work and suggest improvements are GREAT! The twins are also watching on the playground. They like to see children playing together. If someone is on their own, the twins would want us to ask them to play. That's CO-OPERATION!


Sebastian (Year 5)

Check out our 'Awards' section to see who has won the Gold Brick this month!