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Hello, my name is Richard Lee, Chair of Delta Federation's Board of Governors which oversees both Drayton Park and Brooksward schools. 


As governors we work closely with the Executive Head, Senior Leadership Team and all staff to ensure that your children receive high quality education and support alongside ensuring the smooth running of the school. 


We are actively seeking new governors to join the board and would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch with us, it is a real privilege to be supporting the learning and development of all the wonderful children across the schools. 


If you would like to explore what the role of a governor entails, or would like to speak to the governors or myself about anything relating to the schools please contact me via email - or leave your name, number and a summary of what you would like to talk to me about with either of the school offices. 


Richard Lee

Chair of Governors


Mr Richard Lee - Chair of Governors

Miss J Swain - Executive Headteacher


Co-opted Governors

Richard Lee

Mrs S Green 

Miss S Mungham 


The Local Authority Governor

Karen Skegg 


Parent Governor

Ms S Jamieson


Staff Appointed Governor

Miss E Docherty

Mr S Horton


Mrs L Gudgeon -  Associate Governor

Miss N De'ath - Associate Governor

Mrs L Greenwood - Associate Governor

What do the Governors do?

School Governors make collective decisions as part of the Governing Body whose primary function is to help raise the educational standards and performance of a school by supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff.


How is the Governing Body made up?

There are a number of Governor Types - Parent governors who are elected by the parents, Local Authority governors who are appointed by Milton Keynes Council, Partnership governors elected by the Governing Body and Staff governors who are elected by the staff. You can also have Co-opted and Associate Governors  

Drayton Park school has 2 Committees:

  1. Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee
  2. Teaching and Learning Committee


What are the responsibilities of each Committee?

All committees contribute to the school's Strategic Development Plan and monitor progress on the implementation of this regularly. They also contribute to the preparation of the School Profile and help the school to review its performance so that the Self Evaluation Form, as required by OFSTED is kept up to date. They also consider and recommend for adoption any new or revised policies pertaining to the particular Committee. The Headteacher is a member of all committees. Committee meetings take place in the evenings and each committee usually meets once per term.  Other key responsibilities are listed below.


Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee

  • Monitor and review school's financial position and approve the annual budget
  • Make recommendations re: level of financial delegation to Headteacher.
  • Ensure School operates within Council's Financial Regulations.
  • Review Charging Policy and Lettings Policy.
  • Inspect buildings and grounds and monitor maintenance and repair.
  • Assist Governing Body and Headteacher to discharge responsibilities under the Health and Safety Work Act 1974.
  • Monitor Health and Safety Arrangements.
  • Ensure that the school works within the adopted Personnel Policies
  • Review the staffing structure of the school.
  • Establish procedures for the selection and recruitment of staff
  • Adopt and review Performance Management procedures and salaries


Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Adopt and review Attitudes and Behaviour Policy
  • Ensure Governors responsibilities re: safeguarding children are fulfilled.
  • Approve school visits, adopt and review School Visits Policy.
  • Promote and support healthy school environment.
  • Monitor policy of Racial Equality and ensure statutory responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Review and revise School prospectus, Home School Diary and Home School agreements.
  • Advise the Governing Body on the school's curriculum statement and their statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum.
  • Approve and review Policies 
  • Monitor and review school improvement using statistical information available

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