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From September 2017 , our organisation is as follows:

Picture 1 Ms J Alikhan - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr R Morley-Smith - Deputy Head



Ms J Alikhan - Headteacher

Mr R Morley-Smith - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A McStraw - Assistant Headteacher/UKS2 Leader

Miss S Bedford - Foundation Stage Leader

Miss J Lock - KS1 Leader




Foundation 1 (Nursery), Butterflies Class - Mrs S Maplethorpe,                      

Mrs Sue Parish

Foundation 2 (Reception) Honeybees Class - Miss H Sharpe, Miss S Cattigan

Foundation 2 (Reception) Ladybirds Class - Mrs M Guha, Mrs C Clarke

Year 1, Foxes Class - Mrs S Oakley, Mrs S Taylor

Year 1, Hedgehogs Class - Miss E Exter, Miss P Robinson

Year 2, Badgers Class - Miss A Carter, Miss A Crew, Miss S Jones

Year 2, Owls Class - Miss J Lock, Miss A Weston

Year 3, Jades Class - Miss C Roberts, Miss S Mcquillen

Year 3, Diamonds Class - Mrs D White, Miss K Deering

Year 4, Crystals Class - Miss E Docherty, Mrs M Holmes

Year 4, Opals Class - Miss A Barrow, Miss J Porritt

Year 5, Unicorns Class - Miss L Kenna, Miss S Harrington

Year 5, Griffins Class - Mrs K Hinson, Mrs J Dixon, Miss J Saltmarsh 

Year 6, Dragons Class - Miss K Hammond, Miss M Morgan

Year 6, Phoenix Class - Mrs L Greenwood, Mrs C Finlayson



Mr A Lands - PE

Miss C Stubbs - PE

Mr M McCarthy - Music



Miss M Duffin - Senior Learning Mentor/Operational Safe-guarding Lead

Mrs K Bass - Learning Mentor

Miss S Paris - Learning Mentor

Mrs C Finlayson - KS2 S.E.N.T.A

Mrs J Dixon - KS1 S.E.N.T.A

Mrs A Begum - LSA

Mrs T Rajani - LSA

Miss R Begum -LSA

Mrs J Watts - Speech and Language Support


Miss J Parish - Caretaker

Mr V Garcia - Site manager



Mrs L Gudgeon - Business Manager

Mrs A Harrington - Office Admin

Mrs H Tooze - Office Admin