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Denbigh Alliance Consultation

Friday 26thMay 2023

Consultation on Proposed Academy Conversion and Joining the DENBIGH ALLIANCE

The Governing Body are seeking to consult with all key stakeholders of DRAYTON PARK SCHOOL regarding a proposal to convert from being a Local Authority Maintained School to an Academy. Becoming an Academy would see us join the highly successful DENBIGH ALLIANCE as part of a Multi-Academy Trust.

As with all key decisions, our Governors are committed to putting the best interests of our children, our staff and the wider community at the centre. We are therefore keen to involve you, as a valued partner, in the consultation process.

The consultation will run from Monday 5th June 2023 until 12pm on Friday 30th June 2023 (4 weeks).

Why Join a MAT?

Becoming an Academy and being part of a MAT is akin to being part of a wider, larger family. Not only does, it present incredible opportunities for enhancing learning and pupil outcomes, school improvement through collaboration, and both broadening and deepening the curriculum leveraging shared resources and innovation, it also brings potential financial benefits and economies of scale which can be used to improve premises and curriculum opportunities for our children.


Who are the DENBIGH ALLIANCE and what do they stand for?

The Denbigh Alliance is a local multi-academy trust where we want to provide the best opportunities for the children in our area.  We want to fulfil the ambitions of our city through incorporating the following themes: STEM learning, Sustainability and MK History.  We are a trust that wants to achieve consistency, not conformity over our systems and processes, therefore enabling schools to grow and flourish within their local context.  We place great emphasis on collaboration, not competition, and by working together we can achieve even greater success.


Further information about the DENBIGH ALLIANCE can be found here:


You will be aware that many schools have taken the decision to become an Academy and to join a MAT. Clearly, this is a very significant step to take, and we recognise that parents and the community will have several questions, many of these specific to their own circumstances. To support this dialogue and give the opportunity to find out more about the conversion, we invite you to attend a meeting with ourselves and Sue Collings, the CEO of the Denbigh Alliance on Friday 9th June at 3:30pm.  




A document of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ can be found BELOW and aims to pre-empt common questions that people may have around the process.

This will be updated as new questions come in and will be re-sent to families when updated.


Should you wish to make a comment, share your view (either one of support or caution) or ask a direct question, please complete the following Microsoft Form. We will aim to respond to all reasonable questions linked to this proposal in a timely manner:


The Governing Body wish to consult with our stakeholders, including:

  • Staff
  • Pupils
  • Parents/Carers
  • Local Schools and Pre-school settings
  • The Local Authority
  • Parish Council
  • Local neighbours